I don't want to coach men, I just want to kill little boys.

Before you freak out - hear me out. Society is full of grown-up boys - adult males walking around with boy psychologies. They do not know how to take responsibility, they do not know how to take ownership and they sure as hell cannot get true love from a woman.

 I want to bring back what our fathers and grandfathers knew. 

The idea of what it is to be a Man and what is considered Masculine has been clouded as the years have passed.  Broken families, political correctness, third wave feminism, cultural disruption, the confused concept of gender equality, social media and the overall ‘advancement of society’ have made it very difficult for boys today to look into themselves irrespective of societal conditioning and understand what is expected of them as a Man .

I want to coach men who are currently facing situations that I have been in and enable them to kill the boy inside and evolve as a mature Man. 


What can you expect?

I do not give a fuck about your feelings, you know why?

Women are there to console.

Men Advise and Motivate.

This does not mean that I do not empathise with you, and where you are in your life.

I have been there, done that, felt the pain.

I have had my heartbreaks, had my career challenges, struggled to find a job, struggled adjusting in a new country and culture, suffered from body image issues, scrambled to make a woman fall in love with me, faced people hating me, battled depression and anxiety, endured people jealous of me because of my success.

I know you. I know the Pain.

I have been there.

But the last thing that I looked for in those moments, was for somebody to make me feel better. Why? Because that would only help in the moment.

Something that lasts is advice, which when applied can yield results, can yield actions that actually lead to positive learning and experiences.

I want to give you a thorough and deep understanding of how you are going to create your own path in this world. How you will go on to build your own empire, whatever it may be about, and to rule it like how a King would, justly and lovingly.

Commanding respect from all those whom you leave behind in your wake.


What can you achieve?

Masculinity - the quality that when developed in a Man exudes confidence, attractiveness and leadership.

Confidence – the rock solid kind that comes from within and allows you to handle any situation with ease.

Grounding – where you will feel connected to everything around you in a powerful way and understand your relationship with the elements of this universe.

Success – in all aspects of life that would be defined by you and by your standards.

Women – who you will no longer ‘need’ to attract, as they will flock to you like the polar opposite of a magnet.

Respect - of fellow Men who will deem you worthy and look up to you.


Situations where men's coaching can help: 

Handling multiple relationships with women

Learning how to be a Protector, Provider and Procreator

Discovering your purpose as a Man on this earth

Living every moment driven by your purpose

Naturally attracting women without any effort

Becoming a universally charismatic leader

Unlearning social conditioning and discovering your true masculine self

Becoming a better Son, Father, Husband, Boyfriend, Brother or future Grandfather

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